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It is with a heavy heart that I share with you the news of the passing of my beautiful wife Christine. She had a short battle with pancreatic cancer, something she didn't even know she had. From the day she thought something might be wrong to the day she took her last breath was exactly one month. Those of you who know her realize that she truly was a beautiful person, both inside and out.

To say that I am devastated is an understatement. People say that time will heal but as of now, I'm just kind of lost. She truly was my world, and most definitely the song in my heart. I miss her terribly.

As to the upcoming season, I am unsure at present whether I will be able to perform or not. I've tried singing in the car or around the house and the emotions just flood me with sadness and grief. If I am scheduled to perform for you this upcoming season, PLEASE contact me. I don't want to force myself to do shows and not be 100%, so I want to plan with you for the possibility that you may have to find someone else.

I thank you for your understanding, and more importantly, your love and friendship during this most difficult time.  Please keep me in your prayers and hopefully I will be able to see this through.

God bless you all. Rest in peace my beautiful angel.

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