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Vocalist, Musician, All Around Fun Guy

COVID be damned!!! Let's all agree that last year was awful! For the first time since I began performing, all of my shows were cancelled for an entire season. It's really disappointing because I missed seeing you all. The good news is that this year we are back, and though a couple of shows have been cancelled out of extreme caution, many of the others have taken place. 

Even though there's still lots of season left, it's never too early to book for next year. I already have some bookings in the calendar so make sure you reach out and get the date you want now! 

You may have heard the news that I lost my wife Christine to cancer in the summer of 2020. To say that I was devastated is a total understatement, but God had a plan. He put a new person in my life and she has not only helped turn my life around, she's brought me back to my faith, which was no small task. I'll be bringing her to some shows so I hope you make her feel as welcomed as you have me all these years.

Stay safe and we'll see you soon!

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